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101 Press Accreditation

Glemseck 101 - 2016 - Teaser - Akkreditierung / Accreditation


g101_flag_40x24px_unionjack ::: Glemseck 101 – Accreditation – UK

Dear representatives of the press,
due to strong demand, an application for photo and press accreditation is only in advance and online possible. Application deadline is Friday August 18, 2017.

Please note: An on the spot accreditation is NOT possible.

Download the PDF application form for accreditation, fill it out completely and send it, together with a copy of your press card and your editorial assignment, to the in the form specified email. Thank you very much.
(PLEASE NOTE: After filling out, please save this form with YOUR name: Replace »yournamehere« with your name. This simplifies the handling. Thank you.)

::: PDF – Application form Glemseck 101 for accreditation
::: PDF – Informationsheet for Glemseck 101 for accreditation

Your application will be reviewed and processed accordingly. A notification sent by email. The real accreditation is granted upon presentation of confirmation and press card on the spot in the tent of the press office. There is no right to accreditation. The Glemseck101-organizers reserve the right to refuse accreditation without giving reasons.

Photographers and television crews need a »photo camisole«, which is clearly visible to wear in the start area of the 1/8 mile sprint track. The photo camisole is available locally in the press tent for a deposit of 50 Euro

A maximum of two representatives of the media can be accredited pro editors. Individual checks by the 101 press office are possible.

::: Usage of drones
Please note: The use of drones and similar unmanned aerial vehicles is allowed only with the permission of the organizer. Current status one week before the Glemseck 101: Our capacitiy for the using of drones has reached the limit. We offer no more permissions using drones. Important: Read our Glemseck 101 drones-regulations 2017 – PDF (UK)

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