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Your booth – Sponsor & Club – 2017

Glemseck 101 - 2017 - Teaser - information dealers, sponsors and clubs


::: Download PDF Information 101 – 2017 (10 Pages – Link open in a new window)
Find all information for dealers, sponsors & associations, clubs in our 10-page PDF.

::: Submit your request(1) for a booth place no later than April 30th, 2017
The number of available booth places is limited. The Glemseck 101 is located in a »natural« area, which cannot be extended by us in any order. Due to the great success in the last few years, we expect a high demand for the places. Therefore, we ask for your early request till April 30th, 2017 by latest.

Please send your request for booth places and event packages via email to our co-organizer Peter Herrle, City of Leonberg. E-Mail: hel (at) leonberg.de. (To prevent SPAM, this email is not linked here.)

After this email, you will receive a 101 request form that has to be filled out and sent back via E-Mail or fax. The selceted sponsors and clubs will receive their acceptance / contract from early May by mailing route (post).

::: (1)Please note: Your request is not a binding registration!
Only with our commitment to the delivery of the contract, your registration is valid. We reserve the right to refuse requests by sponsors and clubs without giving reasons. Requests received after April 30th will be collected in a waiting list. If a booth place shall be released before the event, we will contact you immediately.

::: Note about the booth depth of 4 meters
In many parts of the natural Glemseck 101 area are no more than 4 meters depth prior to disposal. Exhibitions which exceed this booth depth (eg tents 5 x 5 meters) are not allowed here. Deeper booth depth only after consultation and if available!

::: Note about the details of the schedule and pending plans
All of the details about the schedule and pending plans are not guaranteed yet. Due to the live character of the Glemseck 101, changes and shifts may always occur. We’ll always keep you informed about any change of plan on our homepage and on our public 101 Facebook page.

::: Your request – procedure in short

  • Send a short E-Mail with your request to Peter Herrle, City of Leonberg: hel (at) leonberg.de
    (Contact partner, name and a short information about your company / club will do.)
  • You receive by E-Mail our 101 Fax-Request-Form
  • Please fill this out and return it by fax or E-Mail
  • Deadline is April 30th 2017
  • The selceted sponsors and clubs will receive their acceptance / contract from early May by mailing route (post)
  • Return this contract signed to us

We look forward to see our sponsors & clubs on the Glemseck 101-2017 and wish you all the very best.

Your Team Glemseck 101

Glemseck 101 - 2017 - Web-Poster - Information für Händler, Sponsoren & Clubs - information dealers, sponsors and clubs - DE & UK