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Poets of Sprint – Glemseck 101 – Sprint International

Glemseck 101 - 2017 - Poster - Sprint International 2

International guests and their motorcycles are invited to this unique European sprint by Jörg Litzenburger, the program director of the Glemseck 101. Customizers, tuners, engineers, designers, racers, and well-known characters from the wide motorcycle scene. Our »Poets of Sprint!«
We get requests from tuners and customizers worldwide. Often with motorcycles which were built only to participate at 1/8 Meile of the Glemseck 101. Unfortunately, we have only a place for 16 riders in this sprint and Jörg had to speak out more cancellations than invitations. We are very sorry!

::: 1/8 mile – venue and date
16 riders – mano a mano, knockout-system. The winner comes into the next round. It is the usual hard acceleration race over the 1/8 mile distance, about 200 meters. Venue is the start and finish line of the old Solitude racetrack at Leonberg, nearby Stuttgart. Date: Sunday, 3-Sep-2017. The exact time when the first two riders are the starting line we publish approx. two weeks before the event.

::: Technical regulations
There are no technical rules in this class! In this 101 Sprint it’s not about the number of cylinders, the cubic capacity or the year of manufacture of the basic machine. It’s all about the »101 Spirit« and the uniqueness in technology and design.
But there is a restriction in the construction design:
Motorcycles based or inspired by dragster constructions (such as the Lucky Cat Sprintbeemer) are not permitted to participate. Easy spoken: In the Sprint International only customized motorcycles will compete which bear reference to the road. It should be possible to ride them on the road and over an alpine pass. An overview of the participants and their motorbikes from 2016 can be seen here.

::: List of the participants »101 Sprint International« – 2017
The riders and their bikes will be presented on our already famous Glemseck 101 »Poets of Sprint« sedcards. These sedcards, designed by Steven, give our audience an overview and summary information as well as direct references (website / Facebook / YouTube) to the riders and their motorcycles. Until shortly before the start of the Glemseck 101 there can always be changes in the lineup and on the sedcards. Become a fan of the Glemseck 101 Facebook Page and stay up to date!


::: Felix Pilz – »Shiny Harry« – Suzuki GSX1100 / Harris Magnum 2
www.berham.com / Berham Customs – Facebook

::: Rolf Henniges – »Hexenwerk« Triumph Rocket III – Powered by Ulf Penner
Rolf Henniges – Mastermind of FUEL
Interview Ulf Penner – MOTORRAD-Online

::: Sabine Singenberger – »Poseidon« BMW K1100
www.8techracing.de / 8Tech Racing – Facebook

::: Andy Hofmann – »Hulk« BMW S100R
www.motorrad-senger.de / Rabbit Ground Customizig – Facebook / Andy Hofmann – Wikipedia

::: Christian Moretti – Benelli 512 M
www.planbmotorcycles.com / Plan B – Facebook

::: Sepp Frauenschuh – RBF ONE / KTM
www.berreiter.de / Team Berreiter – Facebook / Josef Frauenschuh – Tuning

::: Giorgio Vuilleumier – La Turbo K
www.jvperformances.ch / JP Performances – Facebook

::: Jens „Specky 2“ Speckmaier – Der Schussapparat – Suzuki GS1000/GSX-R

::: Simon Willner – »Goodwood 12« BMW R1200R
www.vtr-customs.com / Stucki2Rad | VTR Customs – Facebook

::: Gregoire Galian – »Ezechiel 21« Kawasaki Z1000 ’81 – Rebuilt 2016 – Hardtail!

::: Max D. Krpanic – »Master Blaster« Suzuki GSX-R 750/1100
www.dr-mechanik.com / Dr. Mechanik – Facebook

::: You are a customizer / tuner and want to be invited by Jörg?
You have built such an unique motorcycle? Please send an email to Jörg Litzenburger with one or two pictures (please not more) and a brief description of your motorcycle. If Jörg thinks that your bikes is a match to above points to us and our audience, he will invite you to take part in our »101 Sprint International«. Email to: j.litzenburger@glemseck101.de & CC to s.flier@glemseck101.de

::: Homogeneous starter field
Even if there are no technical regulations in this sprint, Jörg want competitive bikes on the 1/8 mile. Each participating motorcycle should have the chance to be a winner. Therefore, the selection of the 16 participating motorcycles is also facing on their engine performance.

We’ll see you at the 101 – 2017.

Steven – Team 101










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