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Flashback – Glemseck 101 – Sprint International – 2018

Dear friends and fans of the Glemseck 101, the famous INTERMOT as our long-standing partner, is getting even closer to us this year …

… they present our Glemseck 101 main 1/8 mile sprint: the “Sprint International”. And because countless fantastic motorcycles and their riders have applied this year, the “Day of the Beast” will take place on 101 Saturday AND Sunday! So we send a “High Five” to Cologne – and will introduce you to all 24 beasts and their riders in the days leading up to the launch of Glemseck 101.


Special Guest Star: Mick Doohan – 5 times GP World Champion will pilot the Honda Racing CB100R factory beast!


International guests and their unique custom motorcycles are personally invited by us to this unique European 1/8 mile sprint. Customizers, tuners, engineers, designers, racers and well-known characters from the wide motorcycle scene: our selection of „Poets of Sprint“ and their „Beasts“. Host is 101 program director Jörg Litzenburger.

::: List of the contestants 101 Sprint International – 2018
The „Poets of Sprint“ and their „Beasts“ will be presented here on our well-known „Glemseck 101 Sprint International Set Cards“. These set cards, designed by Steven Flier, give you an overview of the contestants take part in the Sprint International 2018.

Please note: Until shortly before the start of the Glemseck 101 there can always be changes. Stay up to date with our Facebook and / or Instagram page.


::: Teilnehmer Sprint International 2018 – SATURDAY

We are ready to race!


::: Teilnehmer Sprint International 2018 – SUNDAY

We are ready to race!


::: Technical regulations
There are no technical rules in this class! In this 101 Sprint it’s not about the number of cylinders, the cubic capacity or the year of manufacture. But there is a restriction in the construction design: Motorcycles based or inspired by dragster constructions, as driven in the Sultans of Sprint class, will not be accepted in this sprint. Easy spoken: In the Sprint International only customized motorcycles will compete which bear reference to the road. It should be possible to ride them on the road and over an alpine pass.

::: Style Regulations
This sprint is about the „101 Spirit“ in customizing. Every style is allowed. What is important to us is the uniqueness of the bike in technology and design: the „Wow“ effect when looking at the bike and see it in the acceleration on the 1/8 mile. Therefore, motorcycles directly from the racetrack or in race design, are also not accepted by us.

::: Homogeneous starter field
Even if there are no technical regulations in this sprint, we want competitive bikes in challenge against each other on the 1/8 mile. Each participating motorcycle should have the chance to be a winner. Therefore, our selection of the participating motorcycles is also facing on their engine performance.

::: 1/8 mile – venue and date
Mano a mano, knockout-system. The winner comes into the next round. It is the usual hard acceleration race over the 1/8 mile distance, about 200 meters. Venue is the start and finish line of the old Solitude racetrack at the City of Leonberg, nearby Stuttgart. The exact time when the first two „Poets of Sprint“ are standing at the starting line we publish approx. two weeks before the event.

CU 101 – 2018
Steven – Team & CD 101

::: Overview „Poets of Sprint“ – 2017

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