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Assembling-Dismantling – 2018


::: Assembling and dismantling at the Glemseck 101 and 4 meter booth depth
The Glemseck 101 provides only the place for your booth. All exhibitions (tent, gazebo, etc.) are provided by the sponsors or clubs itself, as well as the assembling and dismantling.

The event takes place partly on private area but also partly on public roads. The assembling will take place on Friday, 31-08-2018, 9.30 am – 5 pm. This counts for ALL presentation places. Officially the Glemseck 101 – 2018 starts on Friday, August 31th, 2018 at 5 pm.
We kindly ask, that by this time all sponsors and clubs already have built up their presentation places and that all delivery vehicles are parked outside the 101 area on the designated parking areas, so that no one is blocked.

The roads L1188 and L1187 are blocked from 9 am for 4-wheel traffic and the entrance to the event site is then permitted only for motorcycles and 101 suppliers. The access to the 101 area and parking facilities will be signposted.

The dismantling takes place on Sunday, 02-09-2018, at 6 pm. Till 11 pm the area of the 101 event MUST be completely cleared. The stopping will be lifted at 12 am by latest by employees of the City of Leonberg.

::: Booth depth 4 meters!
In many parts of the natural Glemseck 101 area are no more than 4 meters depth prior to disposal. Exhibitions which exceed this booth depth (eg tents 5 x 5 meters) are not allowed here. Deeper booth depth only after consultation and if available!

::: Meet the Glemseck 101 Team – Information: Electricity, waste disposal, schedule
You will receive the latest information about electricity, waste disposal and schedule at our sponsor and club meeting on Friday at 6 pm in the Hotel Glemseck. Our Glemseck 101 team and your contacts for the upcoming three days will be introduced there, too. We ask each sponsor and club to visit this meeting in order to be up-to-date!



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