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Baikal Mile 2020 – RU / Siberia – 101 Friends-Event

Dear Fans and friends of our Glemseck 101 – we love to introduce you to one of our new 101 Friends:

The Speed Festival »Baikal Mile«
at the Lake Baikal in Russia / Siberia.

They have send us there awesome video of their 2019 event and have asked if they can come to us to present themselves.

Now – we had a short thinking about that.

♠️ an enormous ice surface?
♠️ 7 to 10 cm spikes on sport bikes, cruisers and lambos?
♠️ sprint races on the Lake Baikal, Russia?
♣️ Siberia? Really?

Of course, we had NO short thinking about an invitation!
❤️ We are looking forward to meet them! ❤️

You will find the booth of the orga-team of the »Baikal Mile« in our International Village in the center of the Glemseck 101. If you’re are in speed as we, too in above mentioned points of »questions«, the »Baikal Mile« date in 2020 is from 27th February to 1st March. Visit them at our 101 and inform yourself!

And have a look at their awesome video 🎬 from 2019!
Hell breaking loose on ice!

Steven – Team 101

::: Baikal Mile – Instagram
::: Baikal Mile – Facebook
::: Baikal Mile – Website

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