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2024 – 101 Information for visitors

Dear friends, fans and visitors of our Glemseck 101 – 2024, Round 17.

We have summarized for you all relevant informations in a PDF file. Directions, parking, camping, business hours and much more. You can download this English-language PDF here …

PDF/Photos: Special »Thank You!« to master photographer Sascha Feuster
PDF/Concept, idea and realization: CD 101 Steven Flier

::: Good to know – in short

::: The entry into Glemseck 101 – 2024 – is FREE!

::: Directions
For entry into your navigation device or online map:
Hotel Restaurant Glemseck, Glemseck 1, 71229 Leonberg

We highly recommend that everyone, including motorcycle riders who are not familiar with the 101 country(!), that the »Exit Leonberg« at the »Leonberg junction« of the A8 / A81 »Autobahn« is your travel destination to the car parks and camping facilities. Shortly after the exit, the first »check point« awaits you with our security service, which will direct you further.

::: Environmental zone
The Glemseck 101 is located on the edge of the Stuttgart »Diesel Driving Ban Zone«. The event area itself as well as the parking facilities and main access roads are outside the zone, which means there are no restrictions to worry about.

::: Business hours at Glemseck 101
Friday – 30. August 2024 from 6 pm to 10 pm
Saturday – 31. August 2024 from 10 am to 10 pm
Sunday – 1. September 2024 from 11 am to 6 pm

::: Cash payment & network coverage
Please note: Most of our sponsors, traders and catering can only offer you cash payment, as the network coverage on the 101 site only offers the possibility of digital payment in a few places. So if you want to go shopping big at Glemseck 101 – go to an ATM beforehand!

::: The Glemseck 101 is a motorcycle festival
We are happy about every visitor arriving by motorbike! For motorcycles we charge NO parking fees. The area of Glemseck 101 is generally accessible by motorcycle throughout the entire duration of the event – and you are allowed to ride into the Glemseck 101 area with your motorcycles, unless we have to temporarily close the entrance for safety reasons due to high visitor numbers on 101 Saturday and 101 Sunday. In any case, you must always follow the instructions of our security and security staff.

::: The entire area of Glemseck 101 is restricted to »walking speed«!

::: Always! Keep escape routes clear (3,5 Meter)!

::: Parking fees car
If you arrive by car, you will be directed to our visitor parking lots and we will charge you a parking fee of 10,00 € (one day) or 15,00 € (whole weekend). This amount is payable upon arrival and will be collected by our staff directly on site. Note: Only cash payment is possible!

::: The Spirit of the 101 – Glemseck 101 camping
Our 101 Camping site is only available for motorcycles and tents. No cars, no caravans! If you use a 4-wheel escort vehicle to transport your equipment, we will gladly let you drive it into the camping site for setting up and disassembling. For this you have a time slot of 90 minutes available. Afterwards, these 4-wheel vehicles have to be removed and parked in our official visitor parking lot.

Deposit for entry with a car for set-up and dismantling: 50,00 € (Note: In cash!)

If you leave with your escort vehicle the area after 90 minutes at the latest, your deposit will be refunded.

::: Note: No advance booking for a camping site possible!

::: Fee for the 101 camping site

For the campsite we charge »per tent*« a fee of 20.00 € for one night and 25.00 € for two nights. Officially, the »101 entrance« will open on Friday 30. August, at 9:30 am. (*Standard tent size: 1 – 4 person.) Note: Only cash payment is possible!

::: Secure storage of helmets and jackets on the 101

Again in 2024, the famous and »unmistakable« German Streetbunnycrew e.V. will ensure the safe storage of your helmets and jackets as well as other stuff and gear for a small fee. All income from this »101 Service« will go one-to-one to a social project / social institution supported by the Streetbunnycrew as a donation! (More: See PDF.)

::: Arrival for handicapped 101 motorcycle fans
Please arrive from the »Autobahn« A8/81 exit Leonberg – and show your »disabled person’s pass« at the 101 checkpoint to our security service. You will then be directed near our entrance, where we have reserved a number of parking spaces for »in their mobility impaired« persons and their cars. Please note: These are the only reserved parking spaces on the 101 – but there is also a fee for these parking spaces.
We will be happy to let drive a currently restricted in their mobility visitors towards the entrance by an accompanying person in order to drop him or her off near the 101 entrance. Please ask our security staff about this. However, the accompanying person must then drive the car back to park it in one of the 101 visitor parking spaces.

::: 1/8 Mile Sprints and 101 Live-Music (stage)
The 1/8 Mile sprints will take place on 101 Saturday and Sunday. Schedules for the 1/8 Mile and the 101 live music stage program (101 Friday and 101 Saturday) for Round 17 will be published here and on our 101 social media channels (101 Facebook and 101 Instagram) end of July. Follow us and stay always informed!

::: Further more informations …
especially for visitors and guests arriving by car and motorhomes – and much more: You can find in our English-language PDF. Download here …

We wish you a safe journey and a great weekend with us!
Your Team – Glemseck 101

::: Over view map Glemseck 101 – 2024

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