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MO-Classic-Racer-Sprint 2017

Glemseck 101 - 2017 - Web-Poster -MO Classic Racer Sprint

Friends, fans and racers of the Glemseck 101:
The application for »MO-Classic-Racer-Sprint – 2017« is now open!
(Download of the application form on www.mo-web.de.)

In 2017, on Sunday the 3rd September, we will again open the 1/8 mile of legendary start-finish line of the historical Solitude racetrack near Leonberg. To present the hardest Classic Sportbikes & Racer Sprint in Germany. Organised by the Team Glemseck 101 and german Motorcycle Magazine MO. Race Control on the track: Team MO.

::: The application
For these 101 Sprint 16 starting places are up for grabs. Interested participants must apply with their Classic Racer for one of these starting places. With each a photo of the motorcycle and rider/owner. Including a small »fact sheet« to the driver and to the bike. Those interested can apply directly through the Motorcycle Magazine MO. The accepted participants will be notified promptly after the application deadline (2-July-2017) by the editorial staff Motorcycle Magazine MO.
A word from the sideline: In this 101 Sprint you will meet some well known guest riders. To be straight: Very tough opponents. So, have fun at the starting line!

::: See application form: Motorcycle Magazine MO – Glemseck101 Sprints 2017
::: Application Deadline: Sunday, 2nd July 2017

::: The motorcycles – Classic Sportsbikes to ’83 model
The operative word is »Sports« – sportsbikes from the wild times when in Germany a »Harro« racejacket was completely state of the art and leather suits were named »Dieter Braun«. Stock models but also customized. From the Yamaha RD 250, the Suzuki GT 750 (called »Wasserbüffel«), the broad CBX, the Guzzi Le Mans to the Suzuki Katana. We look forward to see also motorcycles by famous tuners of this time in the starting lineup. As Egli, Bimota, Martin, Rickman and so forth.

::: Technical regulations
Very simple: Engine and chassis to ’83 model! Four-stroke and two-stroke. No restrictions in numbers of cylinders and cubic. All modifications and tuning measures of those times allowed. Means for the chassis: Individual parts such as the frame and fork, etc. to year ’83. As an example of this: A Suzuki GS 1000 S with Katana swingarm and Koni’s is fine. A tuned Katana with a GSX-R chassis won’t work.

::: Sprint regulations
Your »Classic Racer« must be street legal (license plate and insurance). It is the usual hard acceleration race over the distance of a 1/8 mile, about 200 meters. All participants start in a common class. Launched by the chequered flag. Man against man, woman against woman, man against woman. Whoever crosses the finish line first – is the next round.

::: Place and date
Venue is the start and finish line of the old Solitude racetrack at Leonberg, nearby Stuttgart. Date: Sunday, 3-Sep-2017. The accepted participants will be informed by writing about the exact time when the first two riders must be at the 1/8 mile starting line.

::: Ride save
Selected as a participant, please wear safety clothings. Helmet, gloves, boots, jackets and trousers with protectors or a full leather suit. Back protector also makes sense.

We’ll see you at the 101 – 2017.

Steven – Team 101

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