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StarrWars 2018

Glemseck 101 - 2018 - Poster - StarrWars - Krautmotors - Rolf Reick


In 2015, our 10th anniversary, this 1/8 mile guest-sprint becomes true epic. Started with lengthy delay, the 16 participants fighted almost into the night. In front of a fully occupied grand stand, cause none of the more than 1000 spectators left his place. Too dramatic and unique was the scene in front of their eyes. The braking zone almost hidden in the dusk and the light of the setting sun shining the tarmac in ruby and ginger. We continue this tradition in 2018: the last 1/8 mile sprint of the day: Into Dusk.

This 1/8 mile Sprint is probably unique in Europe and has established itself over the past five years as a 101 Glemseck Sprint. Carried out with motorcycles, whose construction goes back in direct line to the early days of motorcycle evolution. Would this sprint a Bible story, it would not be the nice one with turning the other cheek, but real Old Testament style. Sword swinging and loudly spitting fire: STARRWARS.

::: Organization
Rolf Reick, designer of the well known German scene label Krautmotors, is organizing this 1/8 mile sprint for our Glemseck 101. All applications go through him and he chooses his starter-grid of 16 riders himself.

::: Venue and date
101 Saturday, 1-Sep-2018, late afternoon

::: StarrWars contestants 2018

::: Technical Regulations
Rolf Reick organizes this special sprint with as few rules as possible.
1. Frame: It must be a REAL rigid frame: The rear axle is securely screwed to the frame!
2. Engine: Air cooled, no forced induction (also no NOS or Nitro), no 4-valves engines
2. Possible street legal, rearlight and headlight!
3. The motorcycle must be roadworthy. Tires ok, brakes ok, no leaking liquids. The organizer of Glemseck 101 reserves on the spot, to check the vehicles and, if it is not appropriate, to forbid the participation.

::: Ride save
Selected participant: wear safety clothings! ECE Helmets and back protectors are basic obligation!

::: StarrWars on Facebook!
An overview and much more information about the StarrWars participants and their truly unique / special / crazy / more than crazy motorbikes, can be found on their public Facebook StarrWars-Group. Visited them – it’s worth it!

::: Acknowledgments
Thanks to the audience and the participants 2017 and the years before. Without your applause at the track and your hands on the throttle, this wonderful & crazy 101 guest-sprint would not have been so successful. The team of Glemseck 101 and Rolf Reick look forward once more to a tough and and good 1/8 mile sprint Show 2018.

Text: Rolf ReickSteven – Moderator StarrWars & Team 101

::: Krautmotors – Homepage
::: Krautmotors – Facebook
::: StarrWars – Facebook-Group

::: Krautmotors – Made in Krautland
Grab one of the legendary Kraut-Shirts. Visit www.krautmotors.de or on the spot at the Glemseck 101, at Rolf Reicks Krautotors booth.

Glemseck 101 - 2016 - Krautmotors - T-Shirts

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