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Sultans of Sprint – Finals – 2019

Glemseck 101 – 1/8 Mile

Sultans of Sprint – Finals 2019
Factory Class | Freak Class
Samstag / ca. 15:30 | Saturday / approx. 15:30

It is a challenge of motorcycle freaks from all over Europe to race their custom sprint bikes powered by air cooled twin cylinder engines. Established by speed freak and petrolhead Séb Lorentz / Lucky Cat Garage. In Sébs own words: »The Sultans of Sprint is a class of its own … a race for turbocharged flying carpets built & raced by creative gearheads. Speed is our religion!«

The participating bikes are 100% custom built by the best custom workshops and enthusiasts. Two different classes are sharing the 1/8 Mile: Sultans of Sprint “FREAK CLASS” and “FACTORY CLASS”. Find the basic rules of their »flying carpets« on their website and too – see the awesome video of their 2nd run on Facebook or also on their website.

One motorcycle in the Factory Class stands out in particular: The »Appaloosa«, piloted by MotoGP legend Randy Mamola. She celebrate 100 years of the iconic Indian Motorcycle Scout model and is built by Workhorse Speed Shop in Belgium. The title image of her and Randy in full beast mode was taken by master 📸 Cyril Casagrande at the Sultans of Sprint second run 2019 on the tarmac of the Autodrome de Linas-Monthléry. Also the other pictures. Thanx, great work!

We look forward to meet and see Randy Mamola and all the others Speed-Freak at Glemseck 101! BTW: You find their »Paddock« by walking direction our 1/8 mile, on the right side. Have a look and enjoy!

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Steven Flier – Creative Director Glemseck 101

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