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Sultans of Sprint – Final Round – Glemseck 101 – 2017

Glemseck101 - Sultans of Sprint - 2017 - Final


About the french gearhead Séb Lorentz / Lucky Cat Garage one must probably not lose anymore word. Since his 1/8 mile performance with his Sprintbeemer on Glemseck 101-2014, he rocks the speed-scene. And he bring his own 1/8 mile class to life: The Sultans of Sprint. In his own words: The Sultans of Sprint is a class of its own … a race for turbocharged flying carpets built & raced by creative gearheads. At our Glemseck 101 this speed rugs gather on Saturday 2nd September their final from a total of four challenges.

::: The Sultans of Sprint Challenge 2017
The Sultans of Sprint challenge is gathering motorcycle freaks from all over Europe to race their custom sprint bikes powered by air cooled twin cylinder engines. Not focused only on speed, performance and power the Sultans of Sprint challenge will also reward the contenders for their style, creativity and craziness. The participating bikes are 100% custom built by the best custom workshops and enthusiasts. The bikes are powered by air or oil cooled 4 stroke engines up to 1400cc.

Glemseck 101 - 2016 - Composing - Sultans of Sprint -1

::: The technical rules
Simple: The bike has to be custom built and powered by an air or oil cooled twin cylinder four stroke engine.

The engine capacity allowed depends on engine type and superchargind system used:
• max 1400cc / 2 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
• max 1200cc / 2 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
• max 1000cc / 2 valves with NOS and blower or turbo
• max 1000cc / 4 valves without NOS/blower/turbo
• max 900cc / 4 valves with NOS or blower or turbo
• max 800cc / 4 valves with NOS and blower or turbo

Fuel and shifter are free. Frame has to be an original or modified original. Swingarm can be extented up to 20% of its original length. Rear tire is maximim 160mm width.
The bike shall be equipped with:
• oval number plates (28,1×23,7cm)
• brake system on both wheels
• safety wires on oil drain plugs
• kill switch mounted on the handlebar
• fuel petcock

For safety reasons the rider must be equipped properly with a ECE full face helmet, leather jacket & pants, boots and gloves.

::: The Final – Round 4

Glemseck 101 – Saturday 2. September 2017

All other information about the Sultan, and the results of the first three challenges, can be found on their Sultans of Sprint website and on Facebook. We look forward to the 2nd September and wish all Sultans until then: a deep and good flight’n’speed.

Steven – Team 101



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