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101 Photographer-Info

To all photographers and filmmakers, the professionals and the dedicated amateurs, I am sure you will have again wonderful material to publish after the Glemseck 101 – 2022 and post and share this in your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you create galleries, please »tag« us on Facebook with @Glemseck101 and on Instagram with @glemseck101. The two most important hashtags are #glemseck101 and #2022glemseck101. Gladly you can DM or email to me @stevenflier, so I do not »overlook« any of your galleries.

As in the years before, I offer that you can contact me directly via email after the event to present a selection of your pictures in a 101-Galerie-2022 on the Glemseck 101 website.

Please send me 20 to 30 pictures (please no more!), selected by yourself and marked with your logo, your logo in one of the image corners, in a resolution of min. 1024 px to max. 1400 px (height or width).

Perfect is a naming of the pictures with your name (for example, g101-2022-sam-sample-01, etc.) and if you have already imported the meta tags that are important to you in the pictures.

For this I also need your exact social media contact information, which I integrate into my 101 gallery text (as well as in the social media postings), link to you.

::: Photographer Sam Sample – Facebook
::: Photographer Sam Sample – Instagram
::: Photographer Sam Sample – Website (or network-page, e.g. Flickr)

In addition, in the text the note to journalists & editors & marketing of the manufacturers that the pictures shown in this gallery were made available to Glemseck 101 by »Photographer XY« for our 101 website. If they want to use these pictures for their own purposes, they have to send their request directly to you.

All these preparations help me and you, that the 101 gallery goes online in a timely manner and is advertised on Facebook and Instagram.

The copyright to the artwork remains entirely with you. However, by publishing your selection in a 101 gallery, you allow Glemseck 101 (my person, as Creative Director of 101) to use this selection of footage for the well-known 101 teasers in the postings for years to come. If I use footage of you as a cutout and your logo should no longer be visible, so in any case, a built picture signature (name) of you in this 101-teaser. When posting on Facebook and Instagram, the Facebook or Instagram page you’ve given me will be tagged.

I reserve the right NOT TO USE sent pictures without comment. I will not use this material otherwise. This may be due to the motive quality, or it may be the case if I already have enough material from one of the big Glemseck 101- 1/8 Mile sprints and do not want motif repetition in the 101 galleries.

I am always interested in pictures of 1/8 Mile sprints, which do not get quite the high international attention. And of course everything else that happens on and at Glemseck 101. The environment of the 1/8 Mile and the entire 101 area offers wonderful motifs at all times. I hope, as every year, that you will have an unerring eye also beside the 1/8 Mile. Thank you in advance!

I wish you all godspeed and fun hunting the perfect picture. Do not risking too much for this »one« pic and pay attention to the instructions of our security service and race-control – and I hope to hear & see from you after our RELOAD22 / Round 15.

Steven Flier
Creative Director – Glemseck 101

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