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Glemseck 101 – Online Shop – UK

Dear fans and friends of the Glemseck 101,
you can find our online shop with the most diverse Glemseck 101 designs on various textiles and accessories here …

We would like to thank all of you who supported us and have already supported us with a purchase in 2020 – to then again to drop the starting flag with us in 2021.

To be honest, we were always very proud that our Glemseck 101 designs could only be purchased directly on our 101. Still fresh, so to speak, with the smell of the 1/8 Mile and redesigned every year by our motorcycle enthusiast and Creative Director Steven Flier.

We have maintained this tradition for over 14 years – but 2020, we, as for all of you, has changed a lot. It is fun for us now to take care for our own shop and to be able to offer you many, also older designs online – but also we are a bit sad, since this decision, like others we had to make, was dictated to us by the external circumstances.
All designs are – of course – available on black. Many also on white and on textile colors of your choice. Have fun browsing and thank you for buying!

Every design in the »Glemseck Shop« has its own story. Here are a few of them.

::: We are lions – red flag down – 2021!

::: Our »very first« 101 Lion

Two years before he became the official logo of our Glemseck 101 in 2011. In this design from 2009, in which the starting flag of the Glemseck 101 – 1/8 Mile for Cafe Racer fell for the first time, he made his first appearance.
If you compare him with today, he already roared back then, but was still a real prototype. But a very exclusive one that only the participants and the 101 Race-Control Team of the only sprint at the time got to wear! So who of you still has an »original« of this T-shirt: Take care of it!

::: The »101 Bleeding Lion«

Thanks to everyone who were and still are enthusiastic about him, even if he stands for our 2020 cancellation – and wear him proudly and let him roar: Rising again & full throttle 2021!

::: Glemseck 101 is … Serious 1/8 Mile Business

Our team has a lot of fun organizing the 1/8 Mile of Glemseck 101. Perhaps also because we take all participants, as well as the entire organization, somehow typically German, very, very seriously. Despite all the friendship in the run-up to and at the parties afterwards, there are only three trophies for each sprint. So we take the organization very seriously, so that you always get the full adrenaline rush … and maybe a trophy.

::: Poets of Sprint

Even if the sound and the adrenaline are high. On the throttle and clutch, especially at the start, in the last moments before the falling of the start flag clears the 1/8 Mile, only a real purist and aesthete can control his motorcycle and his own fingertips – and keep his nerve.

::: Heartbeat of Glemseck 101

The heartbeat is everything on the 101! Your own when the flag falls, the speed of the rev counter of the motorcycle when it chases towards the braking zone – and the pulse of everyone on the entire site on all three days and the two long nights.

::: The 101 Cafe Racer Girl

Probably one of our most successful designs, next to our 101 Lion. Stevens »101 Cafe Racer Girl«. She remains in great memories. Round 14 in 2019 was one of our best events, if not the best. Great fans, great music and partying – and awesome 1/8 mile sprints. Now she’s back – and hopefully brings us as much luck for the postponed round 15 as she did back then.

::: All other 101 designs in the Glemseck Shop

From the 101 Lion to the famous number to the »winged engine«. We wish you with every design – a great own story on your motorcycle!

Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy it for a long time..
::: To the Glemseck – Shop

Drive safely, stay heathy and see you in 2021!
Your Team Glemseck 101

::: Photos in the background of all images:
See-You! Agency aka Claude Fischer – Thank you!

::: Copyright of all designs: Graphic Studio Steven Flier
Need some cool concepts or graphics? He is the guy to ask!

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